The List

These are items taken from an article concerning items that you one can never have too much of.  There are a lot of lists available online, but most include items that you can indeed have too much of.  This list will be growing as readers add suggestions.  I will credit each addition as they come in.  This is a community effort, so don’t hesitate to use the “Email me” link on the right side of the page to make a suggestion.


Water – You can never have too much, but it is bulky.  Have a way to purify water from outside sources!
Rice – White rice stores a really long time.  Wild and Brown rice have a much shorter life span.
Beans of all types
Canned vegetables
Canned meats – only store these if you are willing to eat them!
Powdered milk – You’ll need to learn to cook with this, so practice now.
Home canned goods.
Dehydrated foods – These take up very little space and store for a long time.
Freeze dried foods – These are a little pricey, but can’t be beat for shelf life.
Oils – Olive, Corn, Canola (Thanks Russ)
Dried eggs – Check out the OvaEasy brand.  They are amazing!
Salt (Thanks Russ)
Baking supplies
Yeast (Thanks Russ)
Powdered drink mixes
MREs – Try before you stock up.  They are calorie dense, but some people despise the foods within.


Soap – Bar and liquid
Dental floss
Shampoo and Conditioner
Toilet paper
Feminine products
Shaving cream
Baby powder
Kleenex (Thanks KoryN)


Medical tape
Nitrile gloves
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide
Saline solution
Antiseptic solutions
Over the counter medications


Batteries – all sizes and types used in your household
Duct tape
Sewing supplies
Cordage – stock a variety of sizes and types
Trash bags
Zip-Loc bags
Plastic sheeting
Ammunition – This is also a great hedge against inflation since the price only seems to go up!
Gasoline – Gas must be treated to increase shelf life, so plan for this if you have long term in mind
Kerosene or lamp oil
Seeds – Heirloom varieties ensure a supply of seeds from the garden year after year
Currency – None of us can ever have too much money!
Canning lids and rings
Candles (Thanks Mike)
Lantern Mantles and Coleman fuel (Thanks Mike)


Like I said earlier, this isn’t a complete list, nor is it in any particular order.  Each person or family’s needs will vary a little bit, so each of us will need to evaluate what should be in our preps.  If I have any glaring oversights, please feel free to send an email so we can build this list up on items that we can never have too much of.

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