Asparagus beans

Bean Teepee for the Yard Long Beans


While perusing the seed display at a local store, Sarah found a variety of green bean neither of us had heard of.  Asparagus Bean, AKA the Yard Long bean.  This bean is supposed to put on pods up to 30 inches long.  I’ve always planted bush varieties, so climbers are a new deal for me.  Sarah hit Pinterest on ideas for a trellis and came upon the idea of a bean teepee.  Something else that’s a new idea.  Lets give it a try!

I selected two skinny little locust trees about 2 inches at the base and felled them.  This was a lot easier task than their full grown brothers.  As it turns out, the little ones don’t have thorns up and down the trunks.  A few minutes with the chainsaw to clean them up and they were cut to length at 8 feet.

I had a spot by the tomatoes that was already tilled and mulched, so I planted each of these poles in a hole a few inches deep and stood them together.  With a little help, I tied them up with baling wire.  As it turns out, I probably wouldn’t have made it as a member of a plains tribe.  My teepee doesn’t have that majestic look that we see in paintings of teepees in picturesque valleys.  Oh well, as long as the wind doesn’t blow it over and the beans are willing to grow on it, I’ll call it a success.  Once the beans come up and start climbing, I plan to run twine horizontally between the poles.

Hopefully this little contraption will be covered in delicious green beans in a couple of months.  I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress and whether or not the teepee concept works out.