The New Director of Homestead Security

Here at the homestead, I currently serve as Director of Homestead Security.  It can be a busy job at times.  Random cars driving down the private road, coyotes getting too close, rabbits exploring the garden, feral cats tearing stuff up.   We have a lot of security breaches around here and it can be tiring keeping up with all of it.  To make things worse, I work full time, so I’m not home to deal with these breaches during the day.

We have Maddie the shepherd dog.  She’s a sweetheart and my best friend, but security she isn’t.  An intruder would get loved and cuddled to death.  We also have Tito, the blind wonder.  He barks a lot, but an intruder could walk by him.  I can’t hold him at fault because he can’t see.  With their powers combined, we have unseen intruders getting loved and cuddles.  This works out to a completely unacceptable security situation.

We have friends that run goats, and I just swoon over their herd dogs.  These dogs are big and intimidating, but lovable to their humans.  They literally fight coyotes to the death.  Nothing on the ranch escapes their watchful gaze.  When one of them turned up pregnant, I got a little excited.  I asked our friends if they had plans for the pups, they basically said they needed to find them new homes when they were delivered and weaned.   We were all expecting these fluffy white Great Pyrenees puppies.  We thought they would be a legacy to their father, Chuck.  Chuck was a beast that gave his life fighting off a pack of coyotes.  A braver, more noble herd dog has ever lived.  He will be missed by all that knew him.

As it turns out, the Momma Pyrenees was not knocked up by the noble Chuck.  Bruce the fetching, crazy Boston Terrier/Boxer mix was the culprit.  So now we have a puppy that has droopy jowls, floppy ears, and a Great Pyrenees double coat.  And it she grows into those giant feet, we’re going to have a beast!

Momma kicked her and 7 other litter mates off the teat early, so we got a 5 week old puppy.  We haven’t slept in a week.  The puppy has actually made Sarah’s face bleed two nights in a row.  She has teeth.  And she loves using them!

Meet Maevis, the new Director of Homestead Security.  Of course, she’s too young to take full responsibility but we are grooming her for the job daily.


Director of Homestead Security

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