Back in Action on the New Homestead!

For a long while, Surviving Modern Life had to be put on the back burner so I could actually survive modern life.  Over the past few months, life has been busy with finding a house to rent, raising kids, commutes measured in hours, and working as much as possible to fund all of it.  Finally, Sarah and I have found a rental property.  We are mostly unpacked and getting the kids settled in, though some of life is still being lived out of moving boxes.  Originally, we expected to find something in town and were willing to adapt our homestead desires to an urban model.  We spent every available moment looking at rent houses and thinking of ways to adapt to them, only to find them rented out to someone else before we could even meet with the landlord to sign a lease.  If the housing and rental market is down, no one told north Texas!!

By a stroke of luck, Sarah found a classified ad for a home for rent outside of town.  13 miles out of town to be exact.  Everything worked out better than expected, a lease was signed the day we viewed it, and we started moving all the stuff that two households contained to form one.  My commute is now measured in minutes rather than hours, so now it is time to move the website back to the front burner and turn up the heat!

I originally stated that the mission of this website was to share information as I learn to become more self sufficient.  Now I can kick that concept into overdrive as the new homestead is larger than I hoped.  We have a four acre parcel to work with, though I doubt I ever utilize all of it.  There is plenty of room for all sorts of homestead and self sufficiency projects, which will provide plenty of content for the website.  When I started the website, resources and space were limited, and I found it difficult to stay motivated on writing articles.  I felt like I was cheating my readers, because the content was based more on research than hands-on experience.  I started writing gear reviews and articles on subjects that were pertinent to survival, but it wasn’t my intent to become the gear expert.  I wanted dirt on my hands, and food on the table.  I wanted to be a source of information for homestead survival, not a gun and gear reviewer.

As Surviving Modern Life started, I was surprised at the number of readers I was getting.  I was humbled that so many people would subscribe and read the ramblings of a country boy that was interested in being ready for some zombie apocalypse.  I even made friends with some of the big names in the field, like Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Jack Spirko, and the folks at the Self Reliance Expo.  Then, as life got busy, I let everything go to the wayside for a while.  Readership has dropped off, Google ranking is a lot lower now, and overall, the website has been stagnant.

I hope to get this corrected and turn Surviving Modern Life into the information source and community that I wanted it to be.  I’ve had friends ask about contributing, I’ve had companies ask about advertising.  I didn’t feel comfortable letting someone invest time or money if I wasn’t willing to keep it active.  Now that modern life has equalized, it is time to resurrect a faded website and get our hands in the dirt and our pantries in shape!  If you have anything to share, want to write an article, or just say hi, feel free to comment here or email me.

Thanks for taking time to read, and I look forward to talking with you!


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