Zombie defense on the cheap!

Sarah and I made the trip over to Fort Worth for a gun show this weekend to check prices on a couple of things, and just see what was going on in the wide world of weapons.  Wow, the place was packed!  Not quite like the month before the last presidential election, but pretty close.  We were walking the aisles looking at all of the wares being peddled, and I had an old wish come back to mind.  I’ve always wanted a pistol cartridge carbine chambered in 9mm.  So I start looking around and find a few that are way out of my price range.  Really, 900 bucks for something that shoots 9mm???  No thanks, for that cash I would have a sweet ass rifle that could send a lot of .308 rounds downrange!    I originally wanted the Kel-Tec Sub2000, but after handling it again, and seeing the $80 price increase, I wanted to shop around some more.  Enter the friendly fellow under the HiPoint banner.  Yeah, I vaguely remember handling the HiPoint carbine at one time.  It was cumbersome and the stock looked like it was designed by a student of Picasso.  Surely I couldn’t like something like that…

I was pleased to learn that HiPoint realized their gun looked like a joke (and had that reputation in the market), and redesigned it to look better. Much, MUCH better.  Reintroduced as the 995TS (TS means target stock), the 9mm carbine now looks sweet.  Sweet in that, “I’m gonna bust the hell out of some zombies while wearing full tactical gear” way.  I was pretty shocked looking at it there on the rack.  I ask the guy to handle it and pick it up.  It has some real weight to it.  I like that in a gun.  I shoulder it and look down the sights.  Now I’m really starting to get interested.  Check the price tag.  Sold.  I want this bastard in my arsenal!!  Sarah was picking up on this and recommended walking around for a bit to avoid an impulse buy.  It was weird, the further I walked away, the more it called out to me. “Pick me up again, take me home!  I’m a zombie slayer!!”  Now I’m not one to refuse on that!  We walk back over, and its time to fill out the wonderful 4473 form and pay the man his money. This gun is going home with me, and for way less than MSRP. Damn I love a good deal!

I’m sure by now you want to know the nuts and bolts, and probably ask me one question…  “A HiPoint?  Are you on crack? Those things are made of plastic and will break the second you shoot it!”   Yeah, so I’ve heard from a thousand people that have never shot one.  The folks that have them love them, so I have to go with experience on this one.



This all American made gun features a 16.5″ barrel and 31″ overall length, which makes it pretty handy to handle and move around with.  Its covered in Picatinny rails for mounting scopes, lasers, lights, pistol grips, toasters, you name it.  Mine probably won’t get much, but its nice having options!  The biggest drawback is the ten round magazine capacity.  There are aftermarket 15 rounders I’ll try, but for now I guess I’ll actually have to aim and place each shot to make those ten count.  Speaking of aiming, this thing has a peep sight that is easy on the eye, and taking a few shots to check the point of impact verify its dead on at 25 yards from the factory.  The trigger was much better than I expected as well.  I was shooting at dusk, so I noticed a dark target with blued metal sights isn’t exactly easy to acquire, but that is easily fixed with some tritium paint or a dab of white metal paint on the front sight.  Even in the poor lighting this thing puts the bullets right where you tell it too.  I didn’t set up to shoot 5 shot groups, but there is time for that later.  Its safe to say its more than accurate enough for carbine ranges.

I look forward to really putting this thing through the ringer in the coming days and weeks, but for now I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve gotten.  If you are on a budget but still want to be able to drive back a small hoard of the living dead, I can’t recommend this little gun enough.  From general plinking to serious power for home defense, you can’t go wrong here.


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  • Doc says:

    They are fun to shoot. The biggest upfront drawback is how heavy they are. But they are fun to shoot and, as far as my experience, fairly reliable. I am really happy to see that they redid the stock. The other original was not as strong as it should be and there were problems with cracking. I think one of the “draws’ of this gun (besides it’s very low price) is one that AK fans feel when they first pick one up. The thing gives an impression of being a very solid “farm implement” more than a fancy firearm. That is not a detraction on my part. I like the feel and I like how it shoots. A super choice for a trunk gun or for subterranean LT storage. I like it – even though the weight is a little much The thing that the KELTEC has over it is weight and you can easily put it in a backpack or travel bag. Personally, I think Kel-Tec is going off-base with the Sub2000. It is a very simplistic firearm and doesn’t cost much to manufacture. They need to be bringing it’s price down to the level of the Hi-Point, thereby “hooking” more folks onto the Keltec brand. I love KelTec. And for good reason. Cheers, Doc

  • Justin says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the Kel-Tec. Its a great little gun from a great company, but they are starting to price it out of its market. I also love the magazine compatibility the Sub2000 offers, but that wasn’t the only consideration I had in choosing. I will say that I absolutely love my P11 for what it is. Its a perfect balance between small size and mag capacity. 12+1 in a gun that fits in a pocket is hard to beat. They’ve got some other offerings I’d love to get my hands on (like that sick dual tube shotgun!), but some of them get pretty pricey.

  • Lane says:

    Excellent choice!
    This is another option if you can find one used:
    It’s a bit more traditional and PC looking and doesn’t attract as much attention as some similar carbines.

  • Justin says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the Marlin. From everything I’ve heard it is a great gun. I haven’t had much luck finding one in the used market, so I guess the folks that have them aren’t willing to part with them. That speaks volumes!

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